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By: Meredith Olmstead

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April 3rd, 2017

Useful Videos for Your Credit Union Marketing Ideas

Social Media Marketing | Credit Union Marketing

Credit Union Marketing Ideas: Here are some great Credit Union vs. Bank Videos We Like

Consider these when blogging or posting on social media about why potential new members should choose your CU. These are all examples you can share through their embed or share YouTube links. Sometimes it's useful to share someone else talking about how great credit unions are, rather than always just saying it yourself.

OR you might also consider a great custom video source like ClickVue, which offers regular weekly videos at a very reasonable monthly subscription cost. They will customize their videos with your tag line and log and also have great shorter annimations that are useful even for Instagram.

1. 2minutefinance: Banks vs. Credit Unions



2. Early Show: Banks vs. Credit Unions 




3. MTN: Credit Unions vs. Banks Story



4. MoneyMissionMovies: The Credit Union Difference



5. Young & Free St. Louis: Difference Between Credit Unions & Banks


There's lots of great ways to leverage this kind of content via digital marketing. Let us give you some ideas. Contact us today or better yet sign up below for a short phone call with one of our staff members and we will give you some free customized marketing ideas on the spot!


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About Meredith Olmstead

Meredith Olmstead is the CEO and Founder of Social Stairway, LLC, which provides Digital Marketing & Sales services to Credit Unions and Affiliated Organizations. With experience working with financial institutions in markets of various sizes around the United States, and as an experienced Director of Online Marketing, she has helped design and implement numerous marketing and sales campaigns. Since 2013 Meredith has led the Social Stairway team, working exclusively with Credit Unions, taking staff step-by-step through the process of launching all of their Digital Marketing efforts, as well as implementing full Inbound Marketing campaigns and providing Sales Enablement training and support. Meredith recommends a very clear and measureable strategy to all of her clients, and then works with them to re-evaluate the success of these efforts on a continuing basis, all with an eye on moving toward a clear return on your online sales and marketing investment.

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